“Living with Dying” ~The Life of all beings is limited. Are you aware of it? ~

“Living with Dying”
~The Life of all beings is limited. Are you aware of it? ~

Have you ever realized that the life of all living beings is limited?

The hardship of life we face often disturbs our minds. We sometimes feel lost how we could ever face them.
When we attend to someone important to ourselves, someone who are suffering, we all feel the pain in our hearts.
Where does the pain in our hearts come from?
How should we face such pain?

Roshi Joan Halifax will talk about this important theme from the perspective of wisdom and compassion.
Regardless of medical knowledge or age, anyone is welcome to attend her talk.
Her talk would be particularly helpful for all those in difficult times, those with cancer, family members of cancer patients, or those caring for elderly people, bringing valuable insights in regards to “life”. (We expect to have 100 patients and 400 hospital staff, yoga therapists, people from religious circles, and general public).
If you are attending this event from overseas, you are also welcome to join the hospital tour with us in the morning.

【AM Program】

10:00-11:00 The tour in the Palliative Care Unit, Fukui Red Cross Hospital and the presentation on GRACE practice there by the nurse.  (available up to 8 people)

【PM Program】

【Schedule】The door opens at 13:00
13:30-14:20 Rev. Issho Fujita “Mindfulness in the Medical Field”
14:30-15:45 Lecture by Roshi Joan Halifax

【Location】Small Hall, Fukui Phoenix Plaza 
【Address】1-13-6 Tahara, Fukui-City


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