~Before Sinking into Water.~

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It is a holiday, today. There was no class at University. So I visited In-patient department of Kaumarbhritya (pediatrics) and observed Ayurvedic therapies for children.
More than 80% of in-patient children have neuro-muscular disorders, and others have some genetic disorders. Their smiling faces are cheerful.
“Problems” are created by mind of seers. I really felt about this fact.
The therapies were Udvartana which is dry powder massage, Abhiyanga which is oil massage, Shali Pinda Swedana which is the massage by Pottali made of rice and milk with decoction, and Nasya which is nasal drops with facial massage and swedana.
Through practical experience of Abhiyanga, I could feel the expected effect to neuromuscular system of children very much.
The most impressive thing was everybody was smiling during the procedure. Of course some children cried because of restriction from free to move for a while.
In Ayurveda, happiness in mind is very important. And I recalled what the aim of Ayurveda was.
Not only the care for children but for parents or guardians, physicians have to give supports.
The prognosis of disease is sometimes poor, but it is the reality in life.
How does Ayurveda support parents’ acceptance which is very difficult for them? I asked to one doctor.
He answered nicely.
“Before you dive into water, you have to breathe deeply. Otherwise you feel fear. Even if you don’t know how deep it is, deep breathing makes you easy and you can prepare for unknown diving. Ayurveda supports how to breathe deeply before sinking into the water. If you can breathe deeply, you can accept to sink as it is.”
Gradually, I approach where I want to go. It starts to appear slightly in the light of wisdom.

ウドゥワルタナ Udavartanaという粗く挽いた豆の粉で行うドライマッサージ、
アビヤンガ Abhiyangaというオイルマッサージ、
シャリー・ピンダ・スェダナ Shali Pinda Swedanaという炊いたお米を布で包み、薬草の煎じ液とミルクを混ぜた温かな液を浸して体に塗り、発汗を促す治療、
ナスヤ Nasyaという顔面のマッサージに続く点鼻治療。