“I’m not the body. I’m something else.”「私はこの身体ではない。何か他の物である。」

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“I’m not the body. I’m something else.”

This morning, during Pranayama practice with Tiwariji, these sentences came into my mind unexpectedly.
Body and mind are always changing. Through and with changing matters, I have practiced yoga. This my body is not always comfortable, but I can easily forget the discomfort of the body through my practice. And the discomfort will never continue forever because it’s lodging in life. This understanding really makes me ease from suffering.
Life has the spiral of three phases such as Brahma(Creator), Vishnu(Sustainer) and Shiva(Revelator). Every life has the capacity of transform to another form…

I’m not the body. I’m something else.
If so, what should I do?
For myself, there is nothing to be permanent but for others.
I’m a small person. But I can do something through this my body. For this purpose, I practice yoga again and again. This morning, I realized about why I have practiced almost same things every day. I just follow the voice from within.
Just surrender.