Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!


Here in Jamnagar, there is no Christmas atmosphere at all. It means there are not many foreigners around here.
I’ve had a fulfilling life with the learning and experiencing Ayurveda at Gujarat Ayurveda University.
Through my body (Sharira), I can sense what is happening now inside and outside of me. I can feel my Citta Vrtti (the movement of mind) at subtler level. Everything has cause and effect in this world. Human being is one of the factors of this universe. So there are causes and their effects always in myself too.
Now, this is the tome to go forward to the next step for me.
I’m so excited with learning Ayurveda which is the profound science about human body, mind, senses and soul.
Life is short! Enjoy it fully with your body, mind, sense and soul!
Happy Christmas to all of you!



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