Aloneness & Loneliness (Small talk)

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”Aloneness & Loneliness”

”Aloneness & Loneliness”

Hello, I’m Dr. Motoko Saito who is a founder of Yoga & Wellness Chandra, Fukui, Japan.
Today, I want to share the small story which I’ve learnt from Shri O. P. Tiwariji from Kaivalyadhama yoga institute, India.
Tiwariji always says you should know the difference between Aloneness & Loneliness.

For practicing yoga, aloneness is essential. It’s not loneliness. You have to independent from anything, Tiwariji says… Even if it’s “good” thing, you should not dependent on it.

Nowadays, suddenly we have been forced to isolate at home because of the pandemic state of COVID-19.
Many people have negative feelings like anxiety, fear, or anger.
But wait a minute.
Before this unexpected situation happened, many of us, including myself, had been craving to have retreat, we wanted to have silence within us.
So please don’t forget. You don’t need to feel loneliness. This is the best time to practice contemplation like yoga.
Be positive.
Relax in silence.
And enjoy your aloneness.
That’s it for today.