Symbol Tree of Samsara

Samsara in Sanskrit means the cycle of birth and death.
This tree symbolizes Samsara.

Past exists for this very moment.
This very moment creates future.

“Sense of I” which we have had as the concept of “I” is now overturned, then we realize the boundary which we have created is the jumble group of things that have no reality at all.

We need to have open heart to all of us to secure “social distancing” now.
It’s not for narrow “I-ness” but for beloved one and people who supports us directly or indirectly.

Even “doing nothing intentionally” is very important action in this critical condition.
Everyone has wonderful capacity which we can do something good for others and society.

If we have learned something and gotten experiences something, this is the time to use it practically as a human-being.

Many things have been manifested in this difficult time unexpectedly. It means we have been demanded to transform into something beyond by something great which is real nature…


Social distancing(社会的な距離)を取るために必要なのは、開かれた心。