“Yoga for the World” 全ての人にヨーガを!CCY第3期のとても嬉しいご報告

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Subodh氏の「カイヴァルヤダーマは、彼女を歓迎する。We will welcome her.」というお返事を見た瞬間、身体も心も一気に開いたような軽さを感じ、本当に嬉しかったです。

ヨーガを全ての方に! “Yoga for the World”


Starting this June, we will be offering the third batch of the Yoga Teacher Training Course (CCY) in cooperation with Kaivalyadharma Yoga Institute (Kdhama).
I held individual interviews with those who were interested in taking the course, and today we welcomed another student to the course.
She is a totally blind person who participates in a yoga class for the visually impaired called “Challenged Yoga“.

If you have experienced Kdhama’s asana practice, you know that the traditional style of yoga, which is guided only by words, is very little influenced by visual information. I was very happy to see that some people were impressed by the benefits of Kdhama’s yoga and even interested in the philosophy of yoga. And like the other students, I now have a very warm feeling in my heart with a sense of support to help them not only with the certification of completion of the course, but also afterwards.

I have consulted with the College and Shri. Subodh sir, CEO of Kdhama, the certifying body for the course, regarding this person’s enrollment.
The moment I saw Shri. Subodh-ji’s reply, “Kdhama will welcome her.” I was so happy to feel such a lightness that my body and mind opened up at once.

“Yoga for the World.”
I hope that this information will reach those who have been interested in learning yoga but have felt “invisible” high barriers. Kdhama’s gate to learning is wide open, as it conveys traditional yoga without diluting it. Chandra will accompany you wholeheartedly. We hope you will have the courage to take the first step.


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